Who’s the boss?

A preview of the search for the Manager of the 2018 New York Mets.

As the 2017 Mets season comes to a close in a fashion that not many of us saw coming and none of us hoped was coming, its time to start looking forward to next year. To quote Bob Dylan “The times they are a changin” in queens, and by that i mean, for the first time in 8 years it doesn’t look like Terry Collins will be the manager of the Mets. A report from the  New York Daily News said this week that the Mets expect Terry to retire at seasons end. You can call it retirement, you can call it a parting of ways, you can even call it a firing but the fact is Terry wont be back and I for one think this is a good thing. I must admit I am not the biggest fan of Terry but that is strictly as an in-game manager. As a manager in the clubhouse he has done a nice job getting the most out of his players. He had some bad rosters to deal with early in his tenure overcame it to eventually lead us to a world series. Now for his in game managing, I almost always disagree with his move. A 15 game suspension to his closer was all it took for him to blow out the arms of Fernando Salas and Jerry Blevins. Another victim was Tyler Clippard who was acquired in 2015 at the 100 game mark and pitched in 32 of the final 62 games, unacceptable in my book for a team that for the most part was running over people in the second half, but i digress. As we look forward to 2018 with a child like glimmer of hope, we have to wonder who the next leader of the Mets will be. Who will be Ray Ramirez’s jogging partner when someone eventually goes down? I have a few ideas.

Bob Geren- Nothing flashy or sexy here, just one of Sandy’s guys. He was the A’s manager from 07 till he was fired in 2011 compiling a record of 334-376. He’s a respected baseball man and the kind of manager “Moneyball” like. Not a big personality and will pretty much do what he’s told, play the team as it was designed to be played. I wouldn’t hate this hiring but it is kind of bleh. The Mets were Art Howe’s first job after he left Oakland and we know how that went.

In house solution One of 2 names could be possible for someone already in the organization, Dick Scott the current bench coach and Pedro Lopez the manager at triple-A Vegas. Dick Scott is another A’s guy, he was a minor league manager there and in Arizona before he come to work for the Mets first as the director of player development and now as a coach. This would be a lateral move with not much changing. Pedro Lopez has been with the Mets as a minor league manager since 2008 with stops at Kingsport, Brooklyn, Savannah, St. Lucie, Binghamton for 5 years and now Vegas. Yes that is every level of minor league baseball there is. He has been successful posting 6 winning seasons in 8 years and did a nice job growing the current crop leading the major league team. Neither would excite me but I have a feeling they are near the top of the list, purely because of their familiarity with the organization.

The next few are less realistic but more thing I would like to see

Bobby Valentine- While I’m not sure this is realistic due to his large personality, I would love to see Bobby back. He was the manager of my childhood and did more with less than any manager I’ve seen. I have no idea if he has any interest in getting another job but I think it’s worth a look.

Former players- 3 fan favorites have gotten coaching jobs recently and i would like to see one of them in New York. Edgardo “Fonzie” Alfonzo, “Super” Joe McEwing and Robin Ventura would all be viable options and ,more importantly, (this applies to Bobby V as well) they would give the fans something to be happy about. After what I consider the most disappointing season in the history of the franchise, there needs to be some service to the fans. Anything they can latch on to that shows a bit of hope is a must.

David Wright- It’s not happening. He was asked a few weeks ago and he said no shot. Most of the people who know him suggest he will lead a Mike Piazza like post-baseball life where he enjoys it with his wife and kids and comes back during spring training and for events.

Anyone of the people I mentioned above would be fine choices and acceptable for the 21st manager of the New York Mets. While I may not have enjoyed his tenure, filling the shoes of the longest tenured, winningest manager in the history of the ball club will not be an easy job. I’m looking forward to seeing whoever gets the job succeed and lead the Mets to their 3rd world championship.

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