Who’s the Best Spider-Man?

Since 2000, there have been 3 different guys to play Spider-Man in the movies. From 2002-2007, being in 3 movies, Tobey Maguire was the first Spider-Man. From 2012-2014, Andrew Garfield got his chance at the role as the Amazing Spider-Man appearing in two films. In 2016, during Captain America Civil War, we got introduced to the latest Spider-Man, 21-year Tom Holland. Being such a comic movie nerd as I am, of course I have seen all the movies and decided to give my take on how the 3 guys rank.

Please note that this is all my own opinion and I will discuss the person in order of appearance first then finish by my ranking.

Tobey Maguire first appeared as Spider-Man in the 2002 Spider-Man movie. This was the first time to see the real life superhero on the big screen and I thought that Maguire nailed the role. He was witty and smart, and had all the traits of a the well-known Peter Parker from the comics. Unfortunately, Maguire would fulfil the role for 2 more movies after the first one which would kinda put a damper in my view on his role. The first movie he was so good that I don’t think there was a chance to top it. By the 3rd movie in 2007, the love for Maguire as Spider-Man was gone. In the 2007 Spider-Man movie, Sam Raimi introduced everybody to Venom. Now, please note that this in no way a knock as Sam Raimi, who did the first two Tobey Maguire movies I think next to perfect. Venom is known as a symbiote created within Marvel. When it bonded with Peter Packer, it enhanced his spidey skill set and made him even stronger than normal. This where Maguire lost it. Instead of making him this tougher, stronger jock like character, Raimi decided to make this “cool” like character in the movie. Having a it’s all about me, jazzy type of attitude really made Maguire just look silly on the big screen. I mean, come on, that one part in the club where he is singing and embarrassing MJ, like that made me fall asleep. I think the potential was really there for Tobey Maguire to continue the role after the first two movies, however the third one really prevented him from being an avenger.

Andrew Garfield was brought into the mix in 2012 as The Amazing Spider-Man. Despite a recreation of the original movie in 2002, I thought Garfield was really good at the role. Him and Emma Stone (aka Gwen Stacy) portrayed the roles, should I say amazingly? My biggest issue was that I don’t feel like Garfield was, how do I put this, nerdy enough? The wit and looks were totally there and he really did play Spider-Man really well, I just felt like the way the movie was scripted just didn’t show enough of the nerdy side of him. I did believe that if the movies were done better, Garfield had a shot to join the avenger phases. Seeing how the first of the two movie in which Garfield star in was released in 2012, he was set up easily to jump right into the 2nd phase of the avengers. The only issue was, there was no link between the Amazing Spider-Man movies and the avengers. If director Marc Webb, again not bashing him at all here, was given a chance to link the Amazing Spider-Man movies with the avengers, I do believe Garfield would have stayed on longer as Spider-Man.

Tom Holland was introduced to the world as Spider-Man during the 2016 Captain America: Civil War movie. Well, really he was introduced to use during the Captain America: Civil War Official Trailer #2 for the movie. From the very end of the trailer when Holland shows up, I got pumped! Just for that 2-3 seconds, I knew Holland was made for the part. Finally the young, funny, cocky, smart kid playing the web slinger. Holland is the exactly what the MCU needed. The MCU is known for funny, cocky characters and Holland shows all of that in his first solo movie. After some thought, Spider-Man Homecoming was my easily my favorite solo Spider-Man Movie. Being only 21 at the time of the release of Spider-Man Homecoming, Holland has the chance to be the for a long time and that is what makes me the most excited. One thing I loved the most about Holland, was his connection with Iron man. Especially in Homecoming, you saw the connection and how Ironman kinda had a mentor role on Holland and I really do believe that Robert Downey Jr. helps/mentors Holland not just in the movie, but in real life also. 

              So while reading all of that, I wonder if anybody was able to figure out my favorite Spider-Man. So without further ado, random useless drum roll…… my favorite Spider-Man is……Tom Holland. I absolutely loved him as the wall crawler. I love the potential he has due to his age. We have already seen that he really does work well with the others from Captain America: Civil War. The MCU is in great hands, especially its web slinger Spider-Man.

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