Week 1 Venting

Welcome to Week 2 of the Giants Season. Harris and I are already at our breaking point. After a very lack luster week 1 loss vs the Broncos.

This episode was a complete vent of the combo of the last 5 seasons and the start of the 2021 season. We talk about the offense and defense plenty of blame to go around.  Let’s face it the whole Giants organization needs to look at themselves in the mirror, because this isn’t Giants Football.

Between not getting off the field on 3rd and 4th down and making Teddy Bridgewater look like an elite QB and taking advantage of the Giants getting to their spots. They made the defense pay and it was down right ugly. It was one week I still believe in the defense and hopefully they are angry and ready to show up on Thursday in DC.

On to the Offense of side of the ball. There is really nothing to really be said then it’s the same old song and dance with this offense. NO EXPLOSION or life minus a few plays on Sunday but not enough to be anywhere near to be a respectable offense still. If the plays aren’t explosive enough then either Daniel Jones doesn’t make the right reads or turnover the ball or the O-line breaks down at THE worst moments of the game. It’s time for the offense to prove the whole world wrong hopefully in week 2 vs a very stout defense that WFT as.

We hate being this negative at the start of week 2. But it has been a five-year process of just poor football being played and the Giants being a laughing stock of the league. Harris and I just had our breaking point because we care so much about this team and we aren’t going to give up on them any time soon.

Here goes nothing GO GIANTS! Just win baby!

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