Thank you, Landon

Thank You Landon Collins!

In the second round of the 2015 draft, at the 33rd pick, the New York Giants selected Landon Collins out of the University of Alabama. My first thought was, okay, a hard-hitting safety. Coming from a defensive system. Danny reached out to me going nuts over this selection, he was so excited for him to be a giant.

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One of the first things I got to read about him, his idol was Sean Taylor. So, first thing I thought was, hard hitting safety. Then, I started to get to watch YouTube videos or Collins and saw Sean Taylor. I loved to watch Taylor play, well 14 of 16 times a year of course. Embed from Getty Images

Watch Collins play was a thrill. There was never a defensive play in which he wasn’t in some way involved. Either making the tackle or just being the area of the ball. He was meant to be a Giant in my opinion. Built to play both safety and linebacker, Collins had 428 tackles and 8 interceptions in 4 seasons. He became a fan favorite very quickly. For him playing on the field is not the reason for me thanking him.                                           Embed from Getty Images

On June 2nd, 2017, Vin and I went up to Pomona, NY in support of the first annual Landon Collins softball event. IMG_4135

Thanks to our good friend Joe “LPG” Ruback, we were able to get Media passes to the event and were allowed on the field. As much work as Joe put into the event, it may have not happened if Landon didn’t want to do it.

This was the event in which we as a podcast had media passes for an event. It was our first opportunity to put all of our creative talent to use. Unfortunately, Danny was unable to join us due to being sick. However, Vin and I made the trip upstate, with no plan at all. Just two friends, 2 go pro’s and planned to just wing the entire thing.

Honestly, my thought was that we were just two nobody’s getting media passes thanks to our friend Joe. My thoughts were that we would just go on the field for the event and take some pictures. Little did I know how awesome the event would turn out for us. Slowly, we started asking guys to give us a couple of minutes to talk about the event. From Eli Apple, to Amani Toomer along with Chris Canty, we even spoke with Antrel Rolle. We got a chance to even interview first round pick Even Engram. Personally, the coolest one to me was Corey Webster because of the fact that he was the one to end Brett Favre packer career, and Vin being a packer fan.

Finally, we I found Landon standing by himself for a minute and was able to ask him a couple of questions.  landon collins One of the laid back athletes I have ever met. He was willing to just talk to a couple of nobody’s with media passes. The event was so surreal for me. When starting the SNDPODCAST in October of 2012, I never would have thought that I would be getting media passes to ANY event, let alone one that involved my favorite football team.

When Dan and I started,  150109_367274413353467_1467449050_n  we really had no idea what would become of the show. If anybody told me that 5 and half years later, I would have media passes to a softball event, and was able to interview current and past New York Giants, I would have laughed at you. Just a couple of months later, we had media passes to the Grand Kids Foundation 10-year gala. Now, we are always coming up with new ideas and plans to grow the SNDPODCAST CHANNEL and SNDBLOG, as much as we can. The future is bright for us and we have to just say,

Thank you Landon Collins for everything on and Off the field!  Best of luck in DC (only 14 times a year) and of course always a remember, #OnceAGiantsAlwaysAGiant !

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