Top Ten Giants Games I’ve Attended

With everything going on recently with the pandemic of COVID-19, a lot of people are faced with a ton of uncertainties and for a lot of us who love sports like myself always had sports to be there one saving grace. Unfortunately, this is a very rare time that sports all around the world has to be postponed with great reason.

I thought it would be a fun idea to write down the top ten Giant games that I’ve personally attended though out the years. It’s a good mix of games before and after me being able to have season tickets three season ago going into my fourth season hopefully if there is a 2020 season. So without further a due, drum roll please…

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10.  2004 Week 7 Lions 28- Giants 13

This is the first loss of two that is on my list. The reason why this is on my list is simply because of the joy of it being the first ever Giants game I’ve ever attend. As a senior in high school, there was a few moments more exciting than when my dad asks me If I wanted to go to the game with my cousins because he didn’t feel like going. I jumped off the couch and screamed saying “I’ll go, I’ll go.”. I ran upstairs, got ready for my first Giants game and started thinking there is no way the Giants can lose to the stinking Lions and Joey freaking Harrington. Well they ended up losing to a team that hasn’t won a road game in almost three seasons. I don’t think you can start any lower for a fan to witness his or hers first game.

Highlight- Tiki Barber 62-yard touchdown on a screen pass from Kurt Warner

Lowlight– Kurt Warner throwing an interception in the end zone to kill a drive to end the first half and changed all the momentum

9. 2017 Week 2 Lions 24- Giants 10

Wow, what did I do to the Lions? This game was the first regular season game that my wife and I attended as season ticket holders. Plenty of low lights in this game. The reason why this game was on the list because of all the hard-earned money my wife and I have saved up and being able to spend our money getting tickets. This game wouldn’t be on the list if it wasn’t our first game as season ticket holders. The football gods weren’t smiling at us since its was a Monday Night game and we didn’t get into our apartment until 1 am. It was all worth it now because of us having tickets.

Highlight- Evan Engram first career touchdown from Eli Manning for 18 yards.

Lowlight- Jamal Agnew 88-yard punt return for touchdowns.


8. 2019 Week 15 Giants 38- Dolphins 20

In which it was another lost season for the 2019 Giants, this game wasn’t only a rare win but in fact Eli Manning’s last start and win in the NFL. This game means much more to me other than being able to officially saying good bye to Eli one final time as the starting Quarterback of the Giants. I was also brought my dad for this game. It was the second time this season that I took him. It felt weird but cool being able to take him to games after all the sporting events that he would take me to growing up, especially the most memorable was Eli Manning’s first NFL win vs the Cowboys in 2004. In a weird way it felt like it came full circle you may say.

Highlight- Eli Manning throwing a five-yard touchdown to Darius Slayton for his final career touchdown.

Lowlight– Eli Manning throwing three interceptions in his final game.

7. 2017 Week 11 Giants 12- Chiefs 9

This game wasn’t the prettiest games I’ve been seen live. It was the first win I witness as a season ticketholder so it had to make the list. Going into this game, the Giants were 1-8 and the only win was on the road in Denver a few weeks prior. The giants had no business winning this game but for whatever reason the Chiefs didn’t show up and play their best.

Highlight- Eli Manning 34-yard pass to Rodger Lewis Jr in overtime to set up the Aldrick Rosas game winning field goal in overtime.

Lowlight– Shane Vereen throws an Interception in the red zone in the first quarter.

 6. 2012 Week 7 Giants 27- Redskins 23

This was the second game my wife and I attended when we first started dating, our first game didn’t make the list because I went to the game sick and tried to tough it out stupidly and didn’t have so much fun even though they won. Thankfully we got our second shot of going to a game a few weeks later. This game had everything, this was RGIII unforgettable rookie season and being able to watch him live at this time was something else. Thankfully, the Giants found away to pull it out at the end and be victorious.

Highlight- Eli Manning 77-yard touchdown pass to Victor Cruz with a 1:13 left in the fourth quarter to take the lead.

Lowlight– RGIII 30-yard touchdown pass to Santana Moss with 1:32 left in the fourth quarter


5.  2019 Week 3 Buccaneers 30- Giants 31

This was the first road Giants game that I ever attended and boy it didn’t disappoint. Everything from Daniel Jones’s first career start and win. To crappy defense on both sides. To the Bucs kicker missing a few kicks throughout the game and thankfully his final kick. It was drama at it’s finest. It was the kind of game you will never forget because of all the things I just mentioned. With the combo of the Tampa heat and all the drama, it felt like I lost years of my life unwinding during the drive back to our family’s Clearwater Condo.

Highlight- Daniel Jones 7-Yard touchdown. It was a 4th and 5 with a 1:21 left in the game in his first career start. It just showed he was ready to play in the NFL and hopefully things to come in the future.

Lowlight– Saquon Barkley got injured with a high ankle sprain in the second quarter of this game and he was sideline for the next few weeks after getting hurt.

  1. 2008 Week 11 Giants 30- Ravens 10

Going into this game, the Giants were 8-1 and the defending super bowl champions were clicking in all areas of the game. The giants just ran all over the very tough ravens defense. The giants set the tone early with Brandon Jacobs and didn’t let up on the gas pedal the team totaled 207 rushing yards on the day. Going into Giant stadium that day no one expected the giants running game which that season was the top in the league would show up the way they did in this contest.

Highlight- Arron Ross 50-yard interception for a touchdown off of Joe Flacco

Lowlight- Le’Ron McClain 10-Yard Touchdown pass from Joe Flacco.

  1. 2004 Week 17 Giants 28- Cowboys 24

Like I mentioned in game 8 of my list being at Eli first and last career wins with my dad was something special to say I was able to see live, but this night will always mean something to me because this was great night overall for a “meaningless” week 17 game with two teams not making the playoffs. It was many other first such as my dad taking me to giant game and was also the first time that I hung with Steve and his father Alan for the very first time during any sport of Giants game. All these years later, they are still a big part of my Giants fandom. Before I forget to mention, this was also the night Tiki Barber broke season total yardage record on the final game winning play in the fourth quarter to cap off the record breaking year for the giants stud running back.

Highlight- Tiki Barber 3-yard touchdown run with 11 seconds left in the ball game.

Lowlight- Julius Jones 1-yard touchdown run with a 1:49 left in the fourth quarter.

  1. 2011/2012 Wild Card Round Giants 24- Falcons 2

You would think my one and only playoff game I’ve attended would be number one. Don’t get me wrong it was an awesome experience. Who doesn’t love a old fashion beatdown in a playoff game? I think I was spoiled by everything at my number one game. More about this game, other than second quarter safety by the falcons, the giants took care of them in all three phases of the game. The defense didn’t give up a single point. They also made two huge fourth down stands in their own territory. From the offense running all over their defense to Hakeem Nicks not being stop all afternoon by there secondary for two touchdowns, you just had the feeling this game was ours from the start.

Highlight- Hakeem Nicks 72-yard touchdown pass from Eli Manning 2:44 left in the third quarter.

Lowlight- Falcons get 2 points on a safety because Eli Manning got a intentional grounding penalty inside the giants own endzone.

  1. 2011 Week 17 Giants 31- Cowboys 14

This winner take all for the NFC East Division that a few weeks earlier the giants had no business winning. The Giants found their groove and won two out of their last 3 games to have a tie with the cowboys going into this game. These tickets were given to myself and my cousins as Christmas gift. Since this game was for the division title, we didn’t risk anything, we got to the tailgate nice and early got liquored up and didn’t stop shouting from the top of our lungs the whole entire night. The Giants thankfully showed up and won. We celebrated hours into the morning in the parking lot mocking the cowboy fans and team bus as they were leaving parking lot. It was just once of those nights that everything clicked and we had a DD to drive us home.

Highlight- Victor Cruz 74-yard touchdown pass from Eli Manning with 4:57 left in the 1st quarter.

Lowlight- Laurent Robinson 6-yard touchdown pass by Tony Romo.

Here’s to my top ten moments. Hopefully there is a 2020 season where we can all attended games at some point to add to these already fond memories. Please be safe.

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