Time to Build!

Yesterday the Veterans showed to 1925 Giants Drive to start the brand new season. A lot has changed since the final seconds ticked down on New Years Eve when their 3-13 finally finished.

Here are five things each Giants fan should look into during this month of training camp.

Health- We all know this is the scariest time of year for any team. The reason is because injuries are bound to happen it just feels 100 times worse because the regular season hasn’t officially began. Obviously the biggest name to this Odell Beckham Jr because he missed most of last season. Unfortunately yesterday we got news of our first injury due to camp, it was rookie cornerback Sam Beal.

Adjusting to the New Coaching System- With brand new coaching staff it’s will be interesting to see who and who doesn’t adjust to the new systems both defensively and offensively. I’m more interested in seeing how the defense handles the adjustments since they are switching its base defense from 4-3 to a 3-4. Just that alone changes a whole lot of players positions especially players like Olivier Vernon to name one player off the top of my head. The one thing I’m worried about is the outside linebackers who are used to playing on the line in the past and they are not sent on a blitz how they are going to be able to cover the tight ends/running backs going out for passing routes.

Young Talent- since they finished 3-13 last season they had a high slot in the draft to retool though the draft. Obviously everyone will be watching Saquon Barkley every step this camp. We should really keep an eye out of the other rookies as well because each and everyone can make a impact on this years team. It will be interesting to see how Will Hernandez does to complete for a starting guard spot on the offensive line. Also the three defensive players they drafted all can see time on the field during high pressured situations at some point during the regular season. It will be interesting to see how they handle it when they get bulk of the playing time in the preseason. Also it’s going to be fun to see which undrafted rookie shows up out of no where and finds his way on to the team that no one excepts to see make it. That’s honestly my favorite part of training camp!

Does Odell Beckham Jr get an extension- Haha, you all thought this was going to be on top of my list. This story line is going to be brought up almost every waking moment this summer. It’s great to see that Odell was a man of his word and showed up to camp on time especially seeing other star players equal to his talent not showing up due to contract disputes. With Odell not holding out it seems that both sides are going to be willing to maybe meet in the middle and sign a brand new contract and ends this talk that has been floating for the past few years!

Who will win the backup Quarterback job- It will be interesting to see how both Davis Webb and rookie Kyle Lauletta handle the chances on being Eli’s main backup this season. Both guys will get plenty of time during the pre season games to learn and prove they might have future in this league and more importantly the giants in years to come since Eli has so many years left in his career.

Here are the five things I believe every Giants fan should look forward to this training camp. I will be looking into writing a few more times during this camp! Here’s to the new season and hopefully everyone stays healthy for this upcoming season. Go Giants!

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