The Hardline Sports Talk: Episode 9

In the 9th episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, the guys start off with Corey Kluber’s no-hitter for the Yankees Wednesday night in Texas. They also touch on the lack of offense around baseball and all tho no-hitters thrown this season. (0:55) The Mets are a hot mess as the guys get to their series win in Atlanta even though they have 14 guys on the injured list. (20:22)

A big topic of discussion was the Tony LaRussa and Yermin Mercedes situation as LaRussa did not have his players back as he broke an “unwritten rule” as he swung 3-0 while up 15-4 vs the Twins as he blasted a homer in the 9th. (31:30) They introduce a new segment called “Which would you Rather”(42:24) They come back from the break and touch on the NBA play in games and talk some Knicks and some Nets and more Kyrie drama. (51:46) And finally they go around the sports world touching on some topics like Islanders-Penguins and a big Boxing match coming in July. ( 1:07:48  )  To contact us you can reach us at

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