The Hardline Sports Talk Episode 70: Blockbuster on the Horizon

In the 70th episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, the guys start off the show discussing what a Juan Soto trade would look like.

They predict whether it could happen or not and what teams would be a fit and could give the most back. (2:20) Next, the guys preview the upcoming Subway Series. They describe what they think the atmosphere will be like and what is on the line for both teams. They also break down what each team’s needs are at the deadline. (24:56) In baseball, the guys talk about a couple of fringe playoff teams and whether they should buy and sell at the deadline. (32:50) After baseball, the guys start off the NFL segment by discussing Tyreek Hill’s comments about his QB and what their predictions are for the Dolphins  (40:21) Next, they discuss Kyler Murray’s new contract with the Cardinals and the crazy clause that the Cardinals put in the contract. (46:20) And finally, they end the show with a discussion about a possible new deal for Lamar Jackson and crazy things said by analysts all over the sports media world. (51:40) To contact the guys, you can reach them at

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