The Hardline Sports Talk: Episode 7

In the seventh episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, the guys open up with some NBA.

The Knicks continue their impressive season as they go to Los Angeles and beat the Clippers. They get ready for a matchup with the Lakers as LeBron is set to come back for the matchup. (1:09) Our list this week is the top five best offensive seasons in the MLB in the 21st century, crazy numbers discussed here. (20:07) Albert Pujols is a free agent as he was DFA’ed by the Angels and the guys discuss if that was the right move. (32:31) The Mets are rolling as they have won five straight and some crazy stories to go along with their crazy season. The Yankees are starting to click as they are 14-6 in their last 20 and are getting some help back soon. (41:16) And of course, save it or hate it as always. (1:04:25)

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