The Hardline Sports Talk EP 68: A Brooklyn Cyclone

In the 68th episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, the guys start the show by discussing the Brooklyn Nets and their disastrous start to the offseason.

They guys talk about the legacy of Kevin Durant and potential landing spots for him and Kyrie Irving. (1:26)  Next, they get into the Knicks and their big offseason move. They discuss if it was the right move and what they could do from here. They also talk about other actions made as free agency opened up. (21:33) After the NBA, the guys start the baseball discussion with the Freddie Freeman story and try to speculate what happened. They also discuss the Dodgers to date. (35:05) Next, they argue over which league is better before talking about the insane games between the Astros and Yankees. (45:25) The guys end by talking about the heated NL East race and what both teams could need at the trade deadline. They also talk about a potential Juan Soto contract. (53:42) To contact the guys, you can reach them at You should always check out their social media pages and update them regularly. You can use this link to check everything out. 

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