The Hardline Sports Talk Episode 63: Judgment Day

In the 63rd episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, the guys start off by discussing the New York Yankees and their hot start to the season.

They also discuss the hot start Aaron Judge is off to and what kind of contract he could be looking at in the offseason and what another future free agent could be looking at money wise (1:10) Next they discuss the NL West and what that division seems like to start the season and a breakdown of how the Dodgers have been playing.  (19:48) Next up is the Mets where they talk about their hot start and what has been going right for them. And finally, in baseball, they talk about the Angels and the Noah Syndergaard beef with the Mets. ( 29:05) After Baseball, the guys quickly discuss the Rangers and their game 5 win over the Penguins. (49:19) After the break, the guys come back and give a rundown on the NBA playoffs and talk about who they feel is the best player in the league today. They also discuss a problem the NBA may have and the Kyrie contact situation (50:33)

Finally, they briefly discuss the Tom Brady Fox deal and how they thought their NFL teams did in the draft. (1:06:22) To contact the guys you can reach them at

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