The Hardline Sports Talk Episode 59

In the 59th episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, the guys start off by talking about the injury news with Jacob deGrom. They discuss what this means for the Mets this year, and how it affects how fans look at him and his legacy. (1:40) 

Next, they get into a discussion about the New York Yankees and debate whether or not the Yankee fans are upset with the team or not. Also discussed is an outlook for what this team will be this year. (25:30) Other MLB news is discussed in the first segment as well. After baseball, they move into March Madness and discuss their views on the historic final four matchups we have. They also briefly talk about the OT rule change in the NFL and big coaching changes as well. (41:33) To contact the guys, you can reach them at Also, do not miss their baseball preview show coming out next week!

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