The Hardline Sports Talk Episode 58: March MADNESS

In the 58th episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, it is a busy one as the guys start with the blockbuster trade in the NFL involving a star WR.(1:25) JM throws an idea out there about a major change to the NFL alignment and schedule. (7:55)

Then they move on to talk about the quarterback controversies all around the league and what could be a domino effect of a Deshaun Watson move very soon. They also discuss some drama between a Quarterback and the team. And finally, in the NFL they talk about some free agent moves and trades just recently made. (17:15) In the MLB, the guys open up by discussing a rule that could be coming back to the league as soon as this season. (39:30) Then the Freddie Freeman news and the Matt Olson trade as well. (44:57) They also breakdown the Yankees off-season and what could possibly be next. (1:02:50) They guys end with talking briefly about some other moves that were made, and some rumors. To get in touch with the guys, you can reach them at Questions and voicemails are encouraged and will be read/ played on the show! You can send them to the email address.

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