The Hardline Sports Talk Episode 53

In the 53rd episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, the guys start off the show talking about the Brian Flores lawsuit and what it contains.

They talk about who it relates to and what issues it states, and how these issues can be resolved. There is also a messy claim which could have an impact on the league for a very long time. After that, the guys talk about Tom Brady’s retirement as it is made official Tuesday. They talk about his career and the post in which he announced his retirement and who he really took a shot at. Next, the guys break down the NFC and AFC championship games and what they think of the Super Bowl Matchup. After the NFL the guys do a list of the top 10 RF in baseball today. To wrap up the show, the guys discuss the lockout going on in baseball and briefly talk about some of the free agents who haven’t signed anywhere yet. To contact the guys, you can reach them at They always encourage questions or voicemails to be sent in to be asked or played on the show.

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