The Hardline Sports Talk 49

In the 49th episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, the guys start off by discussing the New York Giants debacle. What should they do as head coach, quarterback, GM, and etc?

They try to pinpoint how long a rebuild like this could take and which franchise they should try and copy with how they started their rebuild. After the Giants, they go over to the other side and talk about what they have liked from the New York Jets this season. What do they think of the head coach, quarterback, and more? After the Jets, they talk about the Antonio Brown situation and what this means for the Tampa Bay Bucs moving forward. They take a break from the NFL and do their list which is the top 10 MLB third baseman. After the list, the guys go back to the NFL where they talk about the MVP race and so drama with some voters. They also look ahead to playoff matchups if the season ended today. They also briefly discuss the college football playoff championship game coming up on Monday. To contact the guys or to send them a voicemail or question, you can reach them at

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