The Hardline Sports Talk Episode 47

In the 47th episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, the guys start off talking about the Monday night football game between the Rams and Cardinals and what that meant for the NFC playoff picture.

They stay in the NFC and go over the teams that are for real and what is working for them right now. They kick over to the AFC and take a look at the top teams over there like the Chiefs and Patriots. They also try to examine if the Bills can turn their season around, and try to figure out who a sleeper team that can make some noise in the playoffs is. After the NFL the guys do their lists of the top ten first baseman in baseball. (39:31) Following the list, the guys finish up talking some NBA, with Steph Curry breaking the 3pt record, and the Knicks and Nets going in opposite directions. To contact the guys or to send them a voicemail or question, you can reach them at 

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