The Hardline Sports Talk Episode 45

In the 45th episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, the guys start off with the New York Mets and their historic move to sign Max Scherzer.

They talk about the impact it makes on the team and the franchise as a whole moving forward. They also get to the moves they made over the weekend to try to improve their offense. After that, they move onto the Texas Rangers as they have made 2 huge signings and have spent over half a billion dollars in that 2 days. They talk about the other moves that are being made by small-market teams as well like the Mariners, and another move by the Blue Jays. After, they get into a discussion about the Yankees as they have not made a major move yet and the guys give out some predictions for what is gonna happen. After the break, they talk about the coaching craziness in college football and the impact it could have on the NFL. Finally, in the NFL, the guys talk about the Rams Packers game and how the Packers have established themselves, and who is establishing themselves in the AFC. To contact the guys or ask them a question or send a voicemail, you can reach them at

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