The Hardline Sports Talk Episode 44

In the 44th episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, the guys open up with baseball as there was a surprise signing this morning from a player leaving New York.

They also talk about the Mets and their new hire for GM and how he has overcome some tough situations. ( After that the guys take a list of their top 20 free agents and predict what teams will sign them this off-season. ( After the break, the guys get to football where the NFL has been crazy this year. They start with the Chiefs who seem to be getting it going again. ( After the chiefs they get into the Green Bay Packers as they discuss if they have been the best team in the NFL this year. ( Finally, they take a look at the AFC playoff picture and talk about the Patriots and how serious of contenders they might be. ( To contact the guys to send them a voicemail or question, you can reach them at

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