The Hardline Sports Talk Episode 43

In the 43rd episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, the guys open up the show with the stunner in Dallas on Sunday afternoon and what it means for the rest of their season.

After the Dallas game, the guys take a dive into the Packers Chiefs matchup and look at what the real storylines are from there and try and figure out what is wrong with the Chiefs. Afterward, they take a look at the NFC West division as there are a couple of very good teams over there, and a couple of frauds as well. They then move on to the AFC where the North division is a mess as well. The AFC seems wide open and the guys try and see if they can figure out who the top team there is. Finally, the guys move on to the NBA where they talk about a few topics like the Knicks, Nets, 76ers, player drama, and much much more. To contact the guys or to ask them a question or voicemail, you can reach them at Also, make sure to check out all of their social media pages!

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