The Hardline Sports Talk Episode 41

In the 41st episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, the guys open up by talking about the NFL trade deadline, or lack of one we should say. They shift in however to the Giants Chiefs Monday Night Football game.

The Giants proved what they were on Monday, but the Chiefs are the real story. They are not the same team and the guys get into that. After that, they talk about the AFC playoff picture and how the Derrick Henry injury affects that. After that, the guys take a look at the NFC playoff picture as there are many really great teams over there and break down some of the games from the NFC week 8 as well. Finally, in the NFL, the guys get to the Jets and Mike White. A great story that should get more interesting if they beat the Colts Thursday night. After the NFL, the guys get into baseball as the Atlanta Braves had just wrapped up their series with the Houston Astros while they were recording. The Braves won in 6 and it was a very unexpected run and a lot of great on that team. To contact the guys, ask them a question or send a voicemail, you can reach them at 

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