The Hardline Sports Talk Episode 39

In the 39th episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, the guys open up the show with the MLB postseason and the Red Sox and Rays series as the Red Sox upset the Rays to advance to the ALCS.

They talk about all the other great postseason series going on and drama around the league so far. They also talk about how some of the broadcasters have been so far this postseason as the guys have some criticisms for some. After that, they talk about the Yankees off-season plans as they get ready for what should be a busy off-season for them. After the MLB talk, they get to the NFL as there was breaking news when Jon Gruden resigned from the Las Vegas Raiders. Then the guys talk a little Jets and Giants as they both lose games on Sunday, the Giants lose more than just a game though. Finally, the guys go around the league and talk about the drama in the AFC and the play of many quarterbacks. To contact the guys or to send them a voicemail/question, you can reach them at

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