The Hardline Sports Talk Episode 35

In the 35th episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, the guys lead off with the NY Yankees as they start an incredibly important series against their rival Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park this weekend.

The last 9 games of the season for the Yankees are basically playoff games as they face off against teams either right behind them or in front of them. After that, the guys discuss the MLB races in the wild cards and divisions and the award races as everything is heating up as the season wraps up. After the break, the guys get into a little football talk as Michael was in Boston and was listening to sports radio over there still complain about Tom Brady and there is going to be a lot of drama surrounding that as he comes back to play the Patriots in week 4. Finally, the guys go over their picks from last week and break down a couple of games heading into week 3. The guys will make their NFL picks exclusively on TikTok from now on, give them a follow on there and the TikTok link will be here as well. To contact the guys to ask them questions or send voicemails you can reach them at

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