The Hardline Sports Talk: Episode 3

In the third episode of the Hardline Sports talk, the guys talk about the news around the NBA, and also the past couple of Knick wins, and the Brooklyn Nets loss to the Lakers.

They get into the Eastern Conference standings and where the Nets stand, and a potential run to the finals and how difficult that would be. The change in culture for the Knicks is promising and could bring potential free agents to New York. (1:00) The Phillies Braves game last night ended on a bad call and even replay could not fix it. The guys talk about instant replay in baseball and whether or not it should even be a thing. The Mets and Yankees ups and downs continue, they discuss their reactions to the weekend’s game. (16:42) This week’s list is the top five most exciting players in the four major sports today. (41:30)  A discussion about whether Daniel Jones is a franchise (52:14) and save it or hate it to cap it off. (1:12:18)

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