The Hardline Sports Talk Episode 23

In the 23rd episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, the guys have an All-Star Break Special as they open with the Mets and Yankees brutal losses in the last game of the first half.

They talk about what the teams could do to improve the teams as they come closer to the trade deadline. They then go around the league and go over potential trades that other teams could make to improve their teams or to sell at the deadline. (0:45) After that the guys do some midseason awards. (24:30) After the awards they gave out, they do a list of the top 5 power hitters of the 21st century. (41:55) When they come back, they touch on the ongoing NBA finals which now got very interesting after the Bucks game 3 win at home. (58:25) Finally they talk about a little Euro Cup soccer to end off the show and other things as well. To reach the guys or send them voicemails or questions, you can get them at 

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