The Hardline Sports Talk Episode 22

In the 22nd episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, the guys have some very heated conversations in the beginning but after that get to some MLB talk and the all-star game coming up next Tuesday, talk about some players opting out and the lineups and who should be in and who should not.

They go through the roster and who should be on and who shouldn’t be. (3:01) After that they talk about the trade deadline and which players could be on the move. The Mets and the Yankees both could be making moves at the deadline and they talk about their upcoming matchups before the break. (30:54) After that they talk about some hockey and the Stanley Cup finals just ending. (44:31) Then they talk some NBA and reminisced about the old days and then got into some NBA finals talk. (48:10) To contact the guys to send them a question or voicemail, you can reach them at

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