The Hardline Sports Talk Episode 21

In the 21st episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, the guys open with some NFL talk, such as some news with Aaron Rodgers after his comments to the media this past week.

They briefly give bold predictions and talk about teams that could possibly shock everyone. (1:10) After, they got into some NBA talk as game 1 of the NBA finals concluded as they were recording. Some coaching moves were made as well, and of course other rumors around the league. (21:53) After that they get to their list which are their top 5 backyard games to play. (31:13) After their list they talk about Mets and Yankees baseball following the Subway series over the weekend. The Mets rained out Tuesday night and fans are getting ripped off because of the dumb 7 innings doubleheader rule. They also talk about the MLB all-star game and bow they are both excited for it. (38:16) To contact the guys to send them a voicemail or question, you can reach them at 

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