The Hardline Sports Talk Episode 20

In the 20th episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, the guys start off with some Yankee talk after a brutal loss on Wednesday night. Also talking about issues with the Yankees organization and what changes could be made with the team. (1:34)

They then go around the league and talk about the Trevor Bauer incident. Following that, they talk about the MLB all-star game starters being announced. (24:30) Then they get to the Mets where they lose a heartbreaking game vs the Braves while recording in the 9th. DeGrom struggled but still ended up dominating. They talk about what moves the Mets could make at the deadline potentially, and the upcoming Subway Series. (39:55) Their segment this week is a new one, they pick some random players and try and guess what team they play for. (49:39) After the segment, they answer a question about the best rivalries in sports and give a subway series prediction. (55:39) Then they get to the NBA playoffs and the Sun’s reach the finals for the first time in 38 years. (58:50) Finally, they get a voicemail and talk about that. (1:08:32) To reach the guys or ask them a question/send a voicemail, you can email them at

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