The Hardline Sports Talk Episode 15

In the 15th episode of The Hardline Sports talk, the guy starts off with some NBA playoffs and the Brooklyn Nets dealing with injuries and maybe hitting the panic button after losing game 4 to the Bucks (1:13)

Then they go all over the place, bashing the city of Milwaukee and then talking about some other playoff series and what is going on there. They also talk about where Chris Paul stands in the top point guard discussion. (11:43) Next are the Islanders and their win in Tampa Bay on Sunday. (26:14) Their list is very entertaining this week, the top ballpark foods you can get and it gets very controversial. (30:06) Then they get to Yankees baseball and what is going on there and then what is happening in Mets land. (44:30) And finally, we answer a question. (1:10:23) Please send us questions via voicemail by emailing us an MP3 file, or writing a question to us at  

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