The Hardline Sports Talk: Episode 12

In the 12th episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, the guys start off with the Knicks and their loss on Wednesday as they lose the series 4-1.

A good year but not such a good ending, as the Hawks prevail and Trae Young stars. They talk about potential roster moves the Knicks could make to improve the team in the offseason. (:25) The Lakers as they were recording were losing big and had lost Anthony Davis, the Suns look to clinch that series. They also get into whether or not LeBron is still capable of carrying a team like he has done in the past. They also go over the other series going on. (12:05) The segment today is Over Unders and they do over-under on the number of games of the two Eastern Conference matchups, Nets-Bucks, and Hawks-76ers. (23:03) The next topic they get to is baseball, as they start with the Yankees who split a series with the Rays, after losing 9-2 on Thursday. They talk about the Yankees’ struggles, along with their next matchup with the Red Sox this weekend. (31:47) The Mets are getting healthier as they take two out of three from the Dbacks, but are struggling as we record vs the Padres. They also go around the league as well. (41:24) The final topic is the Islanders and their loss to the Bruins. (55:24) To contact the guys, you can reach us at 

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