The Real(muto) deal?

The winter meetings are now over and while they aren’t really what they used to be, they are a time where the entire league is one place and it gives team a bit of a push to make some moves. Not many did but a few moves were made. The Mariners continued their fire sale, the Phillies signed a personal favorite of mine Andrew McCutchen to too much money and the Mets fortified their bullpen brining back former closer Jeurys Familia. The biggest story of the week, at least in queens, were the rumors surrounding a JT Realmuto trade with the Miami Marlins.

There’s a lot to go through here as we are quickly learning Brodie leaves no stone unturned. It started Monday with a rumor that there were talks of a 3-team trade involving the Yankees and Marlins. Now that’s all that was said but, when the Yankees who need pitching get involved, it was only a matter of time before Noah Syndergaard’s name got brought up. As the week progressed it was reported by legitimate journalists that yes Noah’s name was talked about and that sent Mets fans into a frenzy, rightfully so. The basics of the trade would’ve been Noah to the Yankees, Realmuto to the Mets and some combination of prospects to the Marlins. While this was reported, this is in no way fair value for the Mets. Realmuto is great, probably the best all around catcher in the game, but fireballers with pinpoint control and a breaking ball that can span a 2×4 in half only come around once in a generation and if the Mets are to compete in the next 2-3 years Noah will be a big part of that. Now trading him isn’t something I’m totally against but it would need to get a catcher and a right-handed hitting outfielder that can both play now which isn’t something most teams have to give so it’s a no from me dawg. The other names floated in trade talks were Brandon Nimmo, Michael Conforto and Amed Rosario. The Marlins are shooting for the moon. Conforto has the highest combination of ceiling and proven major league production so he’s off the table for me. Everyone loves Nimmo and rightfully so, he’s the nicest guy in the world and someone I could see being a captain down the road. He also had one heck of a season in his first full year ranking in the top 10 in the NL in position player WAR, offensive WAR, and OBP while throwing in 17 homers and 8 triples. The potential that was seen in him when he was drafted in the first round was reached, but was it a flash in the pan? Can he keep it up? I’m not sure that power is going to stick but his eye, speed and above avg defense will be more than enough for him to be an every day player and if the power keeps up that’s a potential all-star, probably should hang on to those. So that leaves young mister Rosario, boy do I like this kid. I think he could be one of the best shortstops in the game. His range and arm are both elite and his raw power and speed combination make him lethal in any spot of a batting order. He started to finally figure it out in the second half and trading him isn’t something id like to do.
So, you might be wondering “then who do you want to trade?” well in an ideal world none of them. The Mets payroll projects in the 150 million range at the moment when you factor in arbitration raises and such. That’s about where they’ve been the past 2 years so in order to fill out this roster, they are going to need to go to an area they haven’t before. Now 15 of that 150 is David Wright so they really are at about 140 because they get 85 percent of his contract back. Adding roughly 30 million dollars to the payroll is what it should take to complete the team. Yasmani Grandal was top 5 among catchers in basically every stat outside of batting average last season. He would be a big bat in the Mets lineup as well as one of the better defensive catchers in the game to help out the pitching staff. The Mets also need a right-handed hitting outfielder to balance out their lefty heavy lineup and AJ Pollock would be perfect in that role. He doesn’t come with out concern as he has had a hard time staying on the field the past 2 years, which is the last thing this team needs, but he’s really the only right-handed outfielder available. These 2 players along with the core already in place and the hopeful emergence of Peter Alonso, I truly believe this can be a competitive team.
Expecting or hoping the Wilpons to spend money is something I left behind a long time ago so a trade for the cheap and controllable Realmuto seems like the most likely path to success, then the money can be spent on an outfielder and replacing whatever was traded. It kills me but Rosario is the most expendable of the mentioned group. The top prospect left in the organization is a shortstop by the name of Andres Gimenez and reports are he is ready defensively but could use another year in the minors offensively so they would only need a stop gap replacement for this season and then he could take that spot. Things are definitely different under Brodie Van Wagenen than they were under Sandy Alderson and so far, that a good thing. His boldness and creativity have got the Mets to the brink of contention, they just need that little push over the edge. In his former profession Brodie’s job was to get Owners to spend more money than they were comfortable spending, I hope he’s still got a little of that magic left.

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