The Hardline Sports Talk: Episode 6

In the 6th episode of The Hardline Sports Talk, The guys get into the Aaron Rodgers/ Green Bay Packers drama. (0:30) 

The guys also break down the NFL draft as the Jets and Giants both have really good weekends, and both guys are happy with the choices their teams made as the Giants trade down to get another first-rounder in next year’s draft, while the Jets move up with their second first-round pick, to add some protection for their rookie quarterback. The Bengals made a questionable pick as they added a wide receiver and not protection for their young quarterback. The list for the week is the top five best draft picks in the first three rounds of the NFL draft. (14:40) The guys break down the Mets and Yankees weekends along with the Mets Monday showdown with the Cardinals. They also talk about some local and national MLB play-by-play guys. The Yankees pitching and hitting have come alive. (50:43)  The Knicks game ends just in time to break it down as they get their third straight win in Memphis, while the Nets lose a tough one in Milwaukee Sunday night, but have a rematch Tuesday night. (1:13:24) Save it or hate it is a baseball edition. (1:17:30)

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