The Hardline Sports Talk Episode 25

In the 25th episode of The Hardline Sports Talk the guys open up by talking about the Yankees and their weekend in Boston and how things could have and should have gone better.

They also get into what moves they should make and could make at the deadline and what be done with their front office and coaching staff in the offseason. (3:54) They then move over to the other side of town and talk some Mets, they have a voicemail about the Mets and their trade deadline moves so far. They also talk about what moves they could look to make as they look to be the favorites in the NL East. (15:38) They also go around the league a little before getting to their segment where they predict where some of the top guys available at the deadline will go. (29:03) After that they talk about the NFL and the Aaron Rodgers drama and how they resolved this issue. (45:56) After that they talk about the Deshaun Watson news as well and finally talk about NFC east football. To contact the guys, you can reach them at

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