Thank You Mike

At 6:30pm tomorrow night on December 15, 2017, an end of era for New York Sports fan who love listening to sports talk radio. “The Sports Pope”, “Numba One” himself Mike Francesa is officially leaving Wfan after 30 years of hosting afternoon drive time slot.

As a die heart sports fan and a sports radio junkie, next Monday is going to be real weird not turning on Wfan at 1pm to hear him talk about the previous day of football. For people my age, Mike has been on air our whole life.  Whether it was being in my father’s car listening to Mike and the Mad Dog on a daily basis or his weekly Sunday morning football show to doing it solo when Chris “Mad Dog” Russo and him split up. Mike is and will always be New York Sports. Whenever a sports story or game happened, myself and many others would say to each other “ I can’t wait to listen to Mike tomorrow.” We knew he is going to have its own special take on what happened in that given story.

I’m going to really miss his curmudgeon personality especially when callers would call up to either try to prank him or ask him stupid questions. I would always get a good laugh with my co-workers on a daily basis. There is just something about his dry and cocky sense of humor that would make me always wanting more. It is really going to be interesting  what his next endeavor will be. For selfish reasons and I know I’m not alone,  I hope that he rejoins with Mad Dog every once in a while on Mad Dog’s show on Sirius XM. Thank you for the countless memories Mike! This Diet Coke is for you!

mike franny

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