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Unfortunately the time has come. The Mets and David Wright announced today that he is no longer physically able to play the game he loves so much. He will suit up one last time on Saturday September 29th and, according to him, play as much as he can. We all knew this was coming but it’s still hard to watch. So I wanted to take a moment to thank David. He’s the best homegrown position player in the franchises history and has been my favorite player for the last 14 years. 

It all started Thursday July 22nd, 2004. David’s second big league game and a game a luckily had tickets to. Watching his first game the night before, I was half rooting for him to not get a hit so I could see it the next day, and it went that way. In the bottom of the 5th David ripped a 1 out double down the left field line for his first major league hit. From there he never looked back hitting 293 with 14 home runs in 69 games during his rookies year. From there he became a star. From 2005-2011 David was in the top 25 in every major offensive category. He hit 300/383/506 with a 889 OPS, 196 home runs and 685 RBI. He was the only person who didn’t collapse on the 2007 and 2008 roster, producing 1.000 OPS in September of both seasons but it was for naught.

2011 is really when the mess that ended a potential Hall of Fame career early. On April 19th ( again I was there) David dove to tag out Carlos Lee after an overthrow to second. The dive and collision with Lee caused a stress fracture in his back that he would play through until May 15th when it then sidelined him for 2 months. He then returned to all star form in 2012 and 2013 only to have 2013 cut short by a hamstring injury. He clearly wasn’t himself in 2014 posting by far his worst season and then 2015 and on we are all well aware of. He was truly on his way to a Hall of Fame career and it’s sad to see it cut so short. 

 Selfishly I think what would’ve happened if David was around on a day to day basis for the last 3 season. He was the first one up the tunnel after they took Wilmer out of the game on the infamous crying night. He spent the entire game the day after the news came out that Matt Harvey had a innings limit and might shut himself down in the dugout talking to Matt. Most of us remember the incident with Noah and his lunch during spring training of 2015. All these things show how he was doing his best to show these players what it is to be a Met. I’d love for him to be around the current crop of young guys like Amed to show them the way cause there was one better at it then Wright. 

Two Saturdays from now David will lead his team out of the dugout one last time, most likely with his good pal Jose Reyes by his side as he will do his best to push the sun back into the sky (yea I know it’s a night game) and give us one last day of summer before he’s done. There isn’t a player this franchise, since Tom Seaver, has produced that has been a better example of what it means to be an athlete in this city and for this franchise. I can’t wait till they hang number 5 up in the rafters because no one deserves it more. 

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