Thank God I’m not Dave Gettleman

I’m so glad I do not have David Gettleman’s job leading up to the draft. Because I’m going to be honest, I’m so torn right now on who the Giants should pick at number two in April. I have three scenario in my head that can happen for the Giants on draft night and I truly believe that all can be beneficial both for next year and down the road. I’m not going to break down the prospects this article bc we have plenty of time till the last week of April.

Scenario One- Fall in love with one of the highly touted Qb.

This year can potentially be linked to the ‘83 draft and the ‘04 QB classes on being one of the best classes of all time. Here are the top three Qb prospects: Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Josh Rosen. They’ve all been linked in various mock drafts to be pick by the Giants. Right here Gettleman just needs to trust, do his homework to see who will be able to come in, and learn under Eli Manning for at least the first season and battle with Davis Webb as a backup. But if they go this route, who ever is picked will be the next generation of Giants Qb and they will have huge shoes to fill considering what Eli has done for the Giants.

Scenario two- Daft the best pound for pound player.

It isn’t often that the flat out best player in the draft is a bell cow running back named Shaq Barkley. Yes of course Gurley and Zeeke were drafted high in recent years and worth it but they weren’t in the top 2. For the Giants to pick Barkley one of these two things had to happen. The first would have to be they really love what they saw on tape from Davis Webb and what he did in college and all the practice reps that was recorded of him. Last year only being active in the last game of the year in a loss season, it really hurts someone like Webb because of the botching of the Eli’s mess. But he got something that none of these players have benefited from. Just by working with Eli, helping him game plan and learn from a pros-pro and a future Hall of Fame gave him an edge.

Another reason this can happen is because they feel Eli has enough in the tank. With free agency coming up before the draft, I fully expect the Giants try to go out and rebuild the offensive line. With the success with rebuilding the line, it will lead to Eli being able to have more protection which will lead up more time to make better plays.

Scenario Three- Trade down in the draft.

This is probably the least likely option to happen but you have to send out some feelers before draft day. Teams get really desperate and will do a lot of uncharacteristic things to get a player they love and want. We saw it last year with the Bears trading one spot up. If the Giants don’t like any Qb’s or really have a higher grade on a offensive lineman and a chance to trade down to acquire a few more picks by moving out of the number two spots, they would feel comfortable getting another running back who can be just as good as Barkley wouldn’t be frowned apon. Like I said this is very unlikely but it has to be open for discussion.

In conclusion, luckily we do not have to be the ones to make this difficult decision. We get to just sit back, speculate and play the guessing game. All we can do is hope and pray the Giants are confident in all the work they have done up to draft night and trust their work. I believe all three scenarios are realistic. I ultimately feel that if I had to choose a scenario I would pick Eli successor since I really hope the Giants do not draft this high for a very long time… Enjoy all the mock drafts and draft news.

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