Jay’s Week In Wrestling Podcast episode 56: Wrestlemania 37 Preview show!!!!

Wrestlemania 37 is upon us and Jay alongside the 2 hosts of the SND Podcast is here to preview the granddaddy of them all.

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SNDP 269: Thank You Taker #Undertaker30

Episode 269 starts off with Twitter topics as we talk about our favorite cost food places, Chris Paul got traded and the Mets have involved in every player available player this off-season.

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WrestleMaina 34

Recap of Wrestlemania 34

For those who watch both WWE and the NFL, there are two Sunday’s every year they look forward to. The first one, is normally the first Sunday in February and is Super Bowl Sunday. The second one, is normally the end of March or early part of April. I’m talking about WrestleMania Sunday! Well here we are, April 8th, 2018, WrestleMania 34 from New Orleans. This is the second time in 4 years since mania will be in New Orleans. It’s going a huge packed card with a total of “13” matches. Why the quotes over the 13, because I do strongly believe something will happen with Cena and Taker despite the lack of Undertaker on TV. Will it be a match? will it be a street fight? Will it last longer than 1 minute? These are all questions that will be answered tonight! I’m going to give my prediction for each match to start the and then will write a little something about each match as they go along and end. Let’s have some fun! Happy Mania Sunday!  Continue reading “WrestleMaina 34”

Jays week in wrestling podcast episode 30: Wrestlemania 34/ NXT Takeover preview show

Jay is joined by Steve and Dan from the SND Podcast to preview wrestlemania weekend. The guys speak on the go home shows for both raw and smackdown live. The guys talk about the hall of fame and give their predictions for nxt takeover and the showcase of the immortals wrestlemania.

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Jays Week In Wrestling Podcast Episode 28: Hall Of Fame Slapnuts!

JAY is back talking a bunch of topics in this week’s show. Jay gives his predictions on the elimination chamber ppv taking place this Sunday. Jay also gives a short review on the royal rumble and NXT takeover show. Jay talks about Jeff Jarrett being inducted into the Hall of fame. And talks other tidbits of news going on in the world of pro wrestling.

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Jays week in wrestling podcast episode 26: End of the year spectacular!!!

Jay is joined by 2 special guests Izzy Israel and Ammar “Ace” Hameed. The guys get into the clash of champions ppv from a couple weeks back. The guys get into Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live results from this past week. The guys speak on the MSG house show. Preview the UFC ppv happening this weekend main evented by Holly Holm vs Cris Cyborg. They give thier votes for WWE wrestler of the year for 2017 and its the final edition of Jays ppv rewind with the last 2 events of the year 1997.

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Jays week in wrestling podcast episode 21: Jason Angle?

The road to summerslam is in full effect and Jay is back to guide you through. Jay speaks on the battleground ppv, led up to Monday night raw, Kurts big announcement, UFC influx in wwe?, the latest edition of Jays ppv rewind with a new twist, and the unfortunate passing of Chester Bennington the lead singer of Linkin Park.


2017 WWE Battleground

July 23rd, 2017 is the SmackDown exclusive “PPV” is battleground. Now first off you me ask me why I put PPV in quotes. I do think maybe 1% of the people who watch these, buy the PPV’s anymore and 99% of people are watching on the WWE Network. For this blog, I’ll call it a PPV because that is what WWE calls it. In this blog, I’ll be giving my take on each match as they are happening. I am going to do like the barstool pizza reviews and rate each match on a 1-10 scale at the end. Also, odds of a 10 are slim because if I give a 10, you can’t get any better, and there is always better. I’m excited for this PPV for multiple reasons. One reason is because of the location, being in Philly, who is known for being the rowdiest crowds. The fans in the building will let everybody know if this is a good event or not. Another reason, two of the best in the business are competing vs each other. Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles will have a 1 on 1 match for the US Title. Also, after 10 years, we will have a Punjabi Prison match! Being the final WWE PPV before Summer Slam, I expect it to be a good night. Well, I hope so.

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Jays week in wrestling podcast episode 20: Great balls of fire preview show/Great debate 2!

Izzy Israel and Hector “Ghost” Rivera joins Jay in this jammed packed fun filled show talking multiple topics.The guys discuss the upcoming great balls of fire ppv, UFC 213, the 5th edition of Jays ppv rewind, and the Great Debate is back and the guys discuss Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk!

Jays week in wrestling podcast episode 19: 4th of July show

JAY is back with the 4th of July edition of the show and he gets into plenty of topics. Jay talks about the 4th of July episode of smackdown live. Impact wrestling is now Global force? Jay gets into the slammaversary ppv, new Japan invades the USA with the G1 special.jay talk some ring of honor,Bellator mma, meeting hulk hogan, a very crazy history in wrestling segment. And caps off this jam packed show with the 4th edition of JAYS ppv rewind!

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