Jays week in wrestling podcast episode 26: End of the year spectacular!!!

Jay is joined by 2 special guests Izzy Israel and Ammar “Ace” Hameed. The guys get into the clash of champions ppv from a couple weeks back. The guys get into Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live results from this past week. The guys speak on the MSG house show. Preview the UFC ppv happening this weekend main evented by Holly Holm vs Cris Cyborg. They give thier votes for WWE wrestler of the year for 2017 and its the final edition of Jays ppv rewind with the last 2 events of the year 1997.

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SummerSlam 2017 Review

For the third year in a row, WWE Summerslam is being held in Brooklyn NY. The summer PPV version of WrestleMania. Also, 1 of 4 PPV’s that are both SmackDown and Raw. Suppose to be a 4-hour event, the kickoff show began at 5 o’clock, the same time the doors opened. Personally, it is already off to a bad start.

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2017 WWE Battleground

July 23rd, 2017 is the SmackDown exclusive “PPV” is battleground. Now first off you me ask me why I put PPV in quotes. I do think maybe 1% of the people who watch these, buy the PPV’s anymore and 99% of people are watching on the WWE Network. For this blog, I’ll call it a PPV because that is what WWE calls it. In this blog, I’ll be giving my take on each match as they are happening. I am going to do like the barstool pizza reviews and rate each match on a 1-10 scale at the end. Also, odds of a 10 are slim because if I give a 10, you can’t get any better, and there is always better. I’m excited for this PPV for multiple reasons. One reason is because of the location, being in Philly, who is known for being the rowdiest crowds. The fans in the building will let everybody know if this is a good event or not. Another reason, two of the best in the business are competing vs each other. Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles will have a 1 on 1 match for the US Title. Also, after 10 years, we will have a Punjabi Prison match! Being the final WWE PPV before Summer Slam, I expect it to be a good night. Well, I hope so.

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