Sizzling Through The Season Week 10- Thanksgiving

This week the New York Giants are facing off the NFC East Division leaders the Eagles. A few weeks ago, the Giants unfortunately lost a heart breaking loss in Philadelphia. Its time to pay them back!

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Sizzling Through The Season Week 8- Tampa Bay

For the final time this season the Giants will be playing on prime time unless they start playing better. But at 1-6 its highly unlikely but you never know. Tonight the Giants take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady (still weird seeing him in a Bucs colors).

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All of The Judge’s Men

The New York Giants cut down their roster down to 53 men.

We made it people, the 2020 New York Football Giants training camp is officially over. The Giants trimmed down their roster to the “final” 53. We all know this will not be the final roster when the Giants take on the Steelers in eight days on Monday Night football. Continue reading “All of The Judge’s Men”

Down Memory Lane

With the Giants reporting to camp today, I wanted to reminisce handful of times that I’ve attended Giants training camp. I’ve been lucky to go to both SUNY Albany and New Jersey at their practice facility.
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2019 Giants Schedule Release

Its that time of year once again.  Fans across the NFL like myself get to sit down in front of their phones, tables and computer getting ready to set their football season life for the upcoming season. Continue reading “2019 Giants Schedule Release”

Giants Game Day- Lions

After spending all week in Detroit the Giants face off vs the Lions at Ford field for their second preseason game. Continue reading “Giants Game Day- Lions”

Giants 2018 Schedule

Like I mentioned this morning in my mock! Which I’m glad I got two games right (not to pat myself on the back or anything) schedule release day is always fun seeing the order of the games finally set in stone. Continue reading “Giants 2018 Schedule”

Giants Game-Day Vs. Tampa Bay

Like in the original Dumb and Dumber, Lloyd Christmas who was played by Jim Carey falls desperately in love with Mary Swanson. Even when he still finds out she is married, he still asks her “so you are still saying there is a change?!” Well that’s the spot the Giants are in today. Only five teams have made the playoffs since starting the season 0-3. The last team to do so was the 1998 Buffalo Bills. So I’m going to be Lloyd Christmas right now even though I know its slim to make the playoffs but are you saying there is a chance? Continue reading “Giants Game-Day Vs. Tampa Bay”

Ceraso and The Beard Postcast Episode 6, NFC Divisions and Super Bowl Predictions

Nick Ceraso and Jose Rivera (a.ka. The Talking Beard) break down the NFC Division predictions and Super Bowl Predictions before Sunday Week 1. Included with the Divisions is a bold prediction in each Division. While we look back in sports history on September 8th and give our Dude and Dunce of the week.

So listen to Ceraso and The Beard Postcast Episode 6, NFC Divisions and Super Bowl Predictions.

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