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A preview of the 2018 Mets

With opening day just a few days away, it’s time to take a look at the 2018 New York Mets. With a new coaching staff in place, the 2018 Mets are looking to bring back the magic from the 2015. A little disclaimer before moving forward, I 100% believe extended rosters should be to start the season, not the end of the season. However, that is an argument we have had 100 times on the SNDPODCAST show so I won’t be talking about it here.

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Still a long Calla-Way to go, but its a start

The Mets got the offseason started a little early on Sunday as they made their decision on who will be the 21st manager of the franchise. Who was the lucky winner? Former Cleveland Indians pitching coach 42 year old Mickey Callaway. Of the interviewed candidates I think the Mets got the best one and certainty the best fit for the team. I wasn’t all that thrilled with the rumors that it would be Kevin Long just because I was looking for a new face. Super Joe would’ve been nice but mainly for nostalgia purposes that’s not to say Joe won’t be a good manager someday, I’m sure he will, and I would like to see him as the bench coach if he’s open to the idea. Manny Acta was another candidate I wasn’t too thrilled with considering his young managing career hasn’t started great with 6 losing seasons. But what do we know about Mickey?

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