SNDP # 220 : End of the Year Special

The trio is back in town for the end of the year special. They lead off by talking about what their new year’s sports resolutions. They then go on to discuss the Packers, Giants and Jets. They finish off talking about week 17, and the College football playoffs. This and much more!

The Real(muto) deal?

The winter meetings are now over and while they aren’t really what they used to be, they are a time where the entire league is one place and it gives team a bit of a push to make some moves. Not many did but a few moves were made. The Mariners continued their fire sale, the Phillies signed a personal favorite of mine Andrew McCutchen to too much money and the Mets fortified their bullpen brining back former closer Jeurys Familia. The biggest story of the week, at least in queens, were the rumors surrounding a JT Realmuto trade with the Miami Marlins.

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Thank you, Captain

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Unfortunately the time has come. The Mets and David Wright announced today that he is no longer physically able to play the game he loves so much. He will suit up one last time on Saturday September 29th and, according to him, play as much as he can. We all knew this was coming but it’s still hard to watch. So I wanted to take a moment to thank David. He’s the best homegrown position player in the franchises history and has been my favorite player for the last 14 years.  Continue reading “Thank you, Captain”

All in the Familia

No matter how uncomfortable he made Met fans sometimes, Jeurys Familia did his job, and he did it well.

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Big games are what everyone remembers. They are what every team in sports strive to get to so if you don’t perform in those games, that’s all people remember. That is unfortunately the case with now former Mets closer Jeurys Familia. The Mets traded the 2016 all-star this past weekend to the Oakland A’s for 2 prospects and 1 million in international slot money. The return left a lot to be desired with one of the prospects being a 2017 4th round pick 3rd baseman William Toffey out of Vanderbilt who was ranked 17th in the A’s system by and the other being relief pitcher Bobby Wahl. Toffey is struggling in Double-A this season hitting .244 with a .741 OPS in 48 games. Wahl had a cup of coffee in the MLB in 2017 and is dominating Triple-A this year with 65 strikeouts in 39.2 inning with a 2.27 ERA. He throws in the upper 90’s with a good slider so he will be able to help the bullpen. The 3rd part of the trade also has significance as the international slot money gives Omar Minaya and the Mets the freedom to “find another Familia” as assistant GM John Ricco put it. While the underwhelming return is an issue, I think the way Familia is viewed by fans is more of an issue. Continue reading “All in the Familia”

Mindset of Mediocrity

After losing their 7th straight game and having another putrid offensive output it’s become clear things are heading downward once again for our beloved Meties. So what went wrong? The truth is a little bit of everything and the burden has fallen on a first year manager to fix it. Not an easy task. From Ownership on down accountability was preached and the promise was things would change. Well they haven’t. At all. And there in lies the problem. 

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Game 5-162 TB 4 – NYY 11

NYY 3-2

What an awesome game. Before we get to the obvious of Didi ascension into Gawd mode. Monty had a great start , Gardy was in the middle of everything, Sanchez continues to look excellent defensively, Stanton struck out 5 times 🤷🏽‍♂️,Had given up lead again and oh yea Wade had a HR stolen from him. Didi has started this season on molten flames from the most active of volcanos. 8! RBI for the Knight that turned King! The King in the North!⚔️ we love didi and everything about his clutchness. Hope you enjoy this video . LETS GO YANKEES




Go – the chemical brothers

Trophies- (Feat: Drake)

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Game 4-162 NYY 4 – TOR 7

BOYY that was a bad one. Yankees go into 8th inning with a 1 run lead and a grand slam later the souls were ripped out by super hot locked in Justin Smoak who drove in 6 on the afternoon. It was a rough game but Yankees are coming back home to dawn the pinstripes and (Weather permitting open up at home to get back to winning ways. LETS GO YANKEES




False prophits- Jcole

Trophies- (Feat: Drake)

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Boom or Bust

Sometimes winning the offseason
translates to wins on the field. That should be the case for the 2018 New York Yankees. They sent Starlin Castro and some bus money to the Marlins in exchange for the NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton. While scoring runs (2nd in MLB) and hitting homers( 1st in MLB) were not issues for them last year, adding a player of Stanton’s caliber can’t hurt especially when the cost was essentially only money. Contrary to popular belief though, this team is comprised of more than just the brothers of destruction(it leaves out the rest of the studs on the team but I like the WWE reference for the nickname so I’m going for it) so let’s take a look at how the rest of the roster will shape up when they head to Toronto for opening day.

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Making Moves

A look at the Mets options this off season

Today is the start of the annual winter meetings. A time when all the GMs and agents in baseball are in one place to talk about trades, free agents and baseball in general. It is an important one for the Mets this year as they have multiple holes to fill with limited resources to fill them. Second base, outfield, bullpen and maybe even first base are all spots the Mets would like to add players at so let’s take a look at the options. The good news is I’ve had lot of time to think about these holes, considering I started thinking last July Continue reading “Making Moves”

Still a long Calla-Way to go, but its a start

The Mets got the offseason started a little early on Sunday as they made their decision on who will be the 21st manager of the franchise. Who was the lucky winner? Former Cleveland Indians pitching coach 42 year old Mickey Callaway. Of the interviewed candidates I think the Mets got the best one and certainty the best fit for the team. I wasn’t all that thrilled with the rumors that it would be Kevin Long just because I was looking for a new face. Super Joe would’ve been nice but mainly for nostalgia purposes that’s not to say Joe won’t be a good manager someday, I’m sure he will, and I would like to see him as the bench coach if he’s open to the idea. Manny Acta was another candidate I wasn’t too thrilled with considering his young managing career hasn’t started great with 6 losing seasons. But what do we know about Mickey?

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