The Pop-er’s Pit Episode 11: McAwsome Haul: Funko Pop! Unboxing and Reveal

What do you get when you mix a trip to Best Buy, an Order from F.Y.E. and gifts from Kenjamin McAwsome? You get the “McAwsome Haul”
I share the Funko Pops! that I obtained over the past few days as well the debut of my business cards in preparation for New York Comic Con 2019

IG: ThePopersPit
Pals of The Pit:
World of Unpredictable Wrestling-
IG: WUWWrestling

The Pop-er’s Pit Theme was created by Johnny Broadway, Theresa Mazzarelli. and Sypder Sound.

What Freedom in America Means to Millennials Like Us

When I think of certain American holidays like Memorial Day or the Fourth of July, I think of my childhood. I’m reminded of days spent at a pool with family friends — or with the majority of my extended family — that always ended in a fireworks display. It was still early enough in the summer where school had ended recently, and everyone around me was happy.

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