SNDPODCAST EPISODE 328: Vin’s Introduction Press Conference

Welcome back to another fun episode. We did something different than Normal.

We had our good friend Jay come on and help us pepper Vin’s “Press Conference” questions since football season is right around the corner, and it’s Vin’s first season I own a share of the Green Bay Packers. At the same time, we talk about the Packers. We randomized the draft order for your yearly fantasy football league.

After we discussed the Packers, we talked about the MLB All-Star week. Between the Home Run Derby and the game itself, it’s itself.

Since we haven’t been on for a few weeks, rumors of the Knicks and Jazz are discussing deals to send New Yorker Donovan Mitchell to the Knicks. But the offers today by the Jazz are so crazy that the Knicks are laughing at them. Will it gets done? What will it take to get Spida in orange and blue?

Lastly, with Jay on this week. We had to talk about wrestling and what’s going on in the WWE, AEW, and Ric Flair’s “ Retirement Match.”

As always, thank you for listening!

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