SNDPODCAST SHOW EPISODE 321: New York Baseball is Fun!

After a week off to charge the batteries. The gang is all here to catch everyone up on the last two weeks in NY Sports.

Both New York Baseball teams are red hot and playing top 5 ball in the whole MLB according to people’s rankings at the moment.

With the Mets, they haven’t lost a series yet this season. They have won 9-0-1 so far this year. When will the Mets lose their first series of the season? It’s eventually going to happen bc it’s baseball. Vin joked about it. It’s very weird not finding something to complain about with these Mets so far this season.

As for the Bronx Bombers, they are red hot after a slower start to the season. But are riding high after beating the division rival Blue Jays 6 out of 9 so far in this young season. How will the Yankees continue this red hot streak? Will the starting pitching be as well dominant as it’s been so far in the early going?

It’s NFL schedule night. We break down all 32 teams’ win totals. Obviously, a lot has to happen between week 1 from now but it’s always fun to talk about what if’s in May!

Until next time enjoy your sports!

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