The day we’ve been waiting for months to finally come has arrived. Say goodbye to your useless mock drafts, and player rankings! The 2022 NFL Draft is here!

Steve, Vin, and Dan welcome Devon and Nicky for the second time in a few weeks. But this time we are strictly talking about the NFL. With Devon being a Jet fan and of course, Snacks loving the Giants like Steve and Dan.

This year we did something different since we are now live on youtube we decided to mock trade the top ten picks and of course, the Packers picks obviously to not leave Vin out in the dark.

So we broke down each of those picks like fine wine and with the Giants and Jets both Picking twice in the top ten this year ( yeah it’s sad) we really hit home on what we hope and expect Joe Shoen first draft as the Giants Gm. Of course, Joe Douglas continues to build the jets to be a future contender for years to come. Find out who we pick for those four picks!

We hope everyone enjoyed this year’s mock draft and enjoy this year’s NFL Draft. Hopefully, your team picks the right players and becomes All-Pros and Hall of Famers.

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