Sndpodcast Show Episode 318: 2022 Baseball Preview Show

Baseball is finally here! It may have started a week late this year, but we aren’t talking about that tonight.

Dan and Steve welcome our good friends and true blue Yankee fans in Nicky “Snacks” and Devon to our yearly preview show.

We led off the show with the Yankees, They are in a very tough division where they can very well win over 90 games and still finish in 3rd place. Who will break out for the Bronx Bombers this year? Do Geylber and Dj bounce back? We also break down how much money Does Aaron Judge get from the Yankees in his walk year.

On the other side of the river. The Mets are ready to compete and have huge expectations going into the playoffs for the first time since losing to the Giants in the 2016 Wild Card Game. Unfortunately, the Mets will have to start the season without their ace Jacob deGrom. Believe it or not Snacks and Devon are more confident with the Mets than Dan.

We wrap up the show with our yearly predictions for the playoff teams and World Series matchup. Of course, we also predict our award winners. It’s always fun to see how slot on or way off your predictions are by the all-star break but hey that’s why you play the games.

Here’s to another fun and exciting baseball season. Here’s to everyone having a happy and healthy new year!

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