After a week off, the guys are back with another wacky and plenty of things to talk about!

They led the show off with the bummer news of the MLB and the MLB Players weren’t able to agree on a new CBA. Unfortunately with this news they officially will be canceling as of now the first week of the season, It wasn’t clear enough how many more weeks that will be canceled. It seems like both sides are far enough apart that this can be lingering for a few more weeks at least.

With it being Mania Season, We talk about the odds of Pat Mcafee rumored to be wrestling at this year’s WrestleMania. We also talk about other Wrestlemania Moments that Vin and Dan attended. They both feel that the two nights of shows are the way to go.

Vin brings up our new segment. Do you remember this Giants game? it was certainly a painful memory that Steve and Dan both groaned in misery. What game was it?

Lastly, we drafted up 5 former Mets we would like to see at Old Timers day. We name players who haven’t been around the team for years that we would love to see show up to this year’s old-timers day. Who would you put on your list that isn’t David Wright or Mike Piazza?

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