SNDP 313: Football Is Over =(

The NFL off-season is underway. After what was a fun season!

After an entertaining Super Bowl between the Bengals and Rams. We break down everything from prop bets, commercials, the halftime show, and oh yea the actual game. Congratulations to the Rams for winning this year’s Super Bowl Credit to them.

After talking about the super bowl we talked about TV shows that we should watch or starting to watch at the moment. We highly recommend trying these shows if you haven’t already seen them.

Matt Harvey has been in the news this week unfortunately for bad reasons. Due to the trial of the untimely death of his former teammate Tyler Skaggs. While under oath admitted to taking hardcore drugs and giving Skaggs some. The whole case is very interesting. We break down why everything oddly makes sense now during this Mets tenure.

We also talk about it was poorly handled by former Mets manager Terry Collins yesterday when he was interviewed by media outlets about Matt’s tenure with the Mets and he mentioned a few stories that should have been left in private let’s keep it to that.

As always thank you for listening and watching! Until next week, enjoy the rest of this week’s sports watching.

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