Super Wild Card weekend is in the books! It is normally one of the best sports weekends of the year. 

For the 1st time in 31 years, the Cincinnati Bengals have won a playoff game. Our good friend Donny came on and relived the magical moment of the very intense game vs the Raiders last Saturday. It was the first time he had witnessed them winning a playoff game because he was six when it last happened and didn’t watch football yet. Congratulations on getting over the hump Donny and the rest of the Cincinnati. 

We continue to talk about the other games this weekend. Then our good friend Nicky Snacks came on to talk about Wrestling and other fun shenanigans and high jinx that only Nicky can bring to a podcast. 

After all that we talk about our weekly Playoff Pickem pool. What to expect in the Division Round. We are excited to find out. 

Until next week, thanks for watching and listening! Be sure to like, rate and review.

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