SNDP 307: First of 2022!

Welcome to 2022, we are back and better than ever! We have a jam-packed show talking about football and baseball.

We lead off with the awful G-Men. Is Coach Judge dead man walking after his 11-minute rant after another disgusting loss to the Bears last Sunday? The Giants netted -10 PASSING YARDS!!!! you read that right. His seat is 100% boiling that’s for sure.
Next topic, we talk about Big Ben’s final game in Pittsburg, We reminisce about the 2004 draft class that was Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, and Big Ben. We all agree that all three of them should be in the hall of fame at some point when they are able to be voted into it.
We changed sports for a bit, there was a NY Post article suggesting that Espn might experiment with the “ManningCast” style of broadcast for baseball and it would feature A-Rod. We break down if it would be a great idea or a bad idea for Espn to do something so great in the ManningCast. Would it work for baseball?  That turned into how baseball could be the same for the younger generations. Hopefully, baseball figures it out sooner rather than later.
We break down our weekly football picks. Week 18 is here and there are plenty of teams’ playoff lives are on the line and plenty at stake. Enjoy your final regular-season weekend of the season! See you next week when we talk about the Wild Card Round of the playoffs.  

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