SNDP 305: Happy Festivus

Happy Festivus! To start off the show, Danny shows off his new Giants tattoo. We also discuss the covid situation in all the leagues. There are canceled games in the NBA and NHL, along with moving games in the NFL. Will the leagues be able to continue mostly uninterrupted? 

Next, we break down the Pro Bowl rosters for the NFL. Who were the snubs and who deserved it? Find out! 

The Mets hired a new manager! Is Buck Showalter the guy for the job? Can he figure out what went wrong with the clubhouse last year? We discuss if Steve Cohen is too involved in building the team

Next, we discuss the finale of Hawkeye and its effect on the MCU’s future. Would the Disney plus shows be better as movies? 

Finally, we finish the show off with our football picks and a recap of last week.

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